SolData 98HP pyranometer

for measuring global solar radiation

The 98HP hand pyranometer shown at the left is compared with a Kipp-Zonen secondary standard.

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The instrument measures global solar radiation: diffuse radiation from the sky plus direct solar irradiance. When making a measurement the pyranometer can be placed on or parallel to the surface of interest. The global solar irradiance is displayed directly in watts per square meter (W/m^2). The 98HP is useful for making performance estimates of photovoltaic (PV) systems or solar heating systems for hot water or space heating.

A Kipp-Zonen CM11 class I pyranometer has been used as the reference for calibration of the 98HP instrument. A trimmer potentiometer accessible through a hole on the back of the 98HP has been adjusted so that the display shows global solar radiation directly in watts per square meter +/-3%.

A signal is available on the 4 mm terminals on the side of the pyranometer. 100 mV on these terminals corresponds to a global irradiance of about 1000 W/m^2. If required this signal can be useful for data collection in the field.

The DC output voltage from a photovoltaic electrical supply is 100 volts at a current load of 16 amperes. The pyranometer shows the global radiation on the surface to be 1018 W/m^2. Find the instantaneous system efficiency, if the effective cell area is 15 m^2.

System output power:
Pel = 100 V 16 A = 1600 watts
Total incident solar power:
Psun = 1018 W/m^2 15 m^2 = 15270 watts
Seff = Pel/Psun = 10.5%

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