Building Integrated Photovoltaic Power System
SolData Instruments, DENMARK

The PV system in mounted on the SolData office
visible at the right in the background.

SolData PV System Specifications

Kyocera type KC120
PV modules
120 Wp 12 modules 1440 watts peak
Sunny Boy SMA 1100
DC->AC inverter
Grid Connected Umpp=185 V Impp=7 A
Polycrystaline silicon
cell area: 10.0 m^2
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FIRST YEAR PERFORMANCE (October 2000 - October 2001)

NB: The measured performance data series starts on October 6th, 2000, and has been measured continuously using the SMA Sunny Data program ver. 1.60 running on a Toshiba laptop. The integrated data is supplemented by a mechanical counter showing the actual energy delivered to the grid. See the photograph (taken on October 8th, 2001) shown below. The total the first year was about 1120 kWh delivered to the grid.

DAILY PERFORMANCE TWO YEARS (October 2000 - October 2002)

Daily performance data are shown in the figure below. During each year of performance monitoring the total electrical energy delivered to the grid was about 1100 kWh.


NB: The yearly SolData and home electricity consumption in kWh is shown in the figure. The increase in 1986 reflects an expansion in the office by 60 m^2 and acquisition of additional computers. The high level during 1986-1993 reflects the number of persons using the facilities. The decline by 23.3% (2045 kWh) anticipated for 2001 is partly due to the contribution (1120 kWh) from the PV system (12.5%) and partly (10.8%) due to additional care in the use of electricity motivated by the presence of the PV system.

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