Airborne Calibration

The reflective properties of the ground and sea surfaces near Thule Air Base have been measured by means of airborne instrumentation. Helicopters have been used, but fixed wing aircraft are a less expensive option. In May 1999 consideration was given to the use of this Cessna 206 aircraft.

Instrumentation could be mounted by removing the cargo door of the aircraft and replacing it with an instrument package.

In Denmark SolData has access to this Cessna 172 aircraft for calibration and measurement tasks. Barometers and altimeters can be calibrated, and albedo instrumentation can be mounted below the door. The aircraft is also used for consultation visits, aerial photography, public relations and advertising.

This image is taken from a Cessna 152 at an altitude of 1000 meters over central Jutland in Denmark (56 N). Notice the clear Rayleigh (molecular) atmosphere above the boundary layer and the Mie (large particle) scattering from air below 1000 meters.

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